City Smash Game Online

Were you searching for something to kill your time and relieve the stress? Then, you are at the right address, because City Smash is an exciting timekiller that will help you relax and have fun. Here you have only one task, and it’s really easy for a gamer like you. Destroy the megapolis and leave only concrete from it!

You have four locations with different buildings. On one of the maps you are able to see a huge bridge, a river and a couple of buildings standing around the construction. Another location consists of the skyscrapers and an average overpass. Pick the location and take a look on another menu.

There you will see various interesting ways to destroy the metropolis. For example, use the tsunami, tornado or bombs, test fireworks, meteors and lightnings. Some weapons allow you to completely destroy the location, while using others, you will hit directly the places you want. You can even summon a giant octopus and real Godzilla and watch how they crash every building on the map.

Make an experiment and discover whether the strong wind can destroy the bridge, or it will stand. And what can an average magnet do to high buildings? Nothing, if you don’t use the huge and powerful magnet! You also have different modes. Test the weapons in the daylight or at night too!

Try every weapon and eliminate the metropolis. You have an unlimited amount of tries – after you leave only the ruins, press the reset button and think about other ways!

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