Melon Playground Game Online

This interesting pixel simulator is on your screens. You won’t complete different tasks and solve riddles. Because in Melon Playground you just need to make exciting experiments with various cool items!

This simulator has minimalistic design and lots of weapons and other items that you are able to use. The locations have various black elevations and stairs, and only you can add something to the map. In the beginning you need to place your personage – a green doll in the center of the screen.

But remember that this is not the only character developers prepared for you. To find others, you need to check the special menu and place them on the necessary spots. Then, you have the opportunity to dress it in different outfits including the protective armor and even classic suit.

The wardrobe is huge, and you can find everything you need for your scenes. Give him the weapons you want, place a huge bomb and press the necessary buttons to see the cool result. You can also use a couple of these dolls at the same time for your scenarios.

Try average vegetables, wheels, boxes, chairs and other things in the menu. Every existing item is unblocked here, which means you have the possibility to start your experiments from the beginning and don’t waste your time completing quests to receive a reward!

If you destroy your personage, don’t worry and spawn a new one to smash it too. The amount of tries is unlimited, so you can test all the items you have in the menu.

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