Happy Wheels 2 Game Online

This game is not an ordinary racing. And there are many factors that prove it. Instead of fast sports cars, you drive on bicycles and scooters, and the average racing track turns into an obstacle course. But it doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the walkthrough!

You have a bunch of characters who can’t walk. They are average people, but in this product you can’t control them when they step on the ground. They drive cars, ride bicycles or move using other vehicles and items. But the moment they lose their vehicles, they can’t move forward.

You need to lead them through the long track to the finish line. The sharp thorns, deep holes and fast arrows are waiting for you on your way. And every level has more obstacles than the previous one. Use your skills to overcome all obstacles and survive. The controls are pretty easy, but you need to master it to be ready for unexpected danger.

You just need to use your keyboard to drive through the location, stop when you see an obstacle, and try to balance on your vehicle. Test all the characters including the boy on the bicycle and a man with a jumper, and discover differences between them. For example, when you control the man with his son on the bicycle, you get the bonus points by leading them together to the finish line, because you can easily lose the boy during the difficult level.

The more locations you pass, the more personages and levels unlock for you. So reach the final levels to fully enjoy this product!

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