Goat Simulator Game Online

You probably saw these small and adorable animals in your village or on the TV wandering around the field and eating grass. But who could imagine that this cute animal can cause so much damage? The developers of this game could!

The huge map is at your disposal, and your main aim is to turn it into a rubble mountain. This is an average city with humans walking around, shops, buildings and roads. You spawn at the center of this location and need to control this personage and move it to every part of the map.

Butt people that you meet in your way, destroy all the objects and walls you see and cause massive explosions. It isn’t difficult, because you can just throw this animal, lead it to the aim, and it will break on your eyes. You can easily enter a house where an average family is having their breakfast and make a mess in their room. Use your tongue and grab the father of the family to show him the neighborhood.

Try this hilarious trick with every person you meet on your way. Jump, fly and ride cars and other vehicles. But animals can’t drive, you say. With the help of its tongue you are able to stick to the passing auto and drive to the destination place. You even have the opportunity to travel to other cool locations through special portals, like tunnels at the end of the road.

Explore the whole map and show the citizens a real destruction. And use various items like barrels with gasoline and heavy objects to help yourself in this hilarious mission.

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