Garrys Mod Prop Hunt Game Online

Every fan of this product totally knows this famous hide-and-seek mode. Because this is one of the most popular regimes in this sandbox Garrys Mod. And when you try it, you will quickly understand why it has so many fans. So let’s get started!

In the beginning of the game you receive a role. This is your role for the whole match. So you can be a hunter, or an object that needs to hide. Basically, Garrys Mod Prop Hunt is a hide and seek where you have destructive weapons.

So if you get the first role, you need to find all hiding players on the map. You have limited time, so you need to act quickly. Receive your weapons that are the average rifles and go discover everyone. You are able to shoot every suspicious item that you can find on the map. The maps are huge and full of different details, so it won’t be an easy mission.

Pay attention to the details and any movements. When you spot the movements, quickly shoot your aim to get points and destroy your opponent. But how do you play a second role? From the start you should quickly explore the map and find good places for your item.

Remember that you can pick any object you want including different types of furniture and decorative items. But your main aim is to place it in such a way that nobody will understand that you are an imposter. It can be a small chair in the room, a huge vent on the roof or an average pot with flowers on the table.

If you get shot, don’t panic. You still have the opportunity to run away and hide again using a different object for the second time. Survive till the time ends, and you will win the round. Try all the locations that developers prepared for you, combine different items and find the perfect spots to always reach the victory.

Switch roles, and try yourself as a hunter. Invite your friends and play matches together! The huge amount of objects and well-detailed locations allow you to fully enjoy the process many times. Let’s try it on this site with other users!

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