Super WorldBox Game Online

In this product you have two options for your walkthrough. Create your world and destroy it completely! Or watch how it lives without you. Whatever you want is possible in the Super WorldBox because of a huge amount of opportunities developers added for you!

Everything starts when you receive your own planet. It has only a couple of islands and a huge ocean. So first, you need to customize your own planet. You are able to pick a size, an amount of continents and islands, the water level and other characteristics.

And when you are ready, you can press the start button and take a look on the menu with all the instruments and weapons there. Place a high mountain, deep river and wild jungles. Think about the perfect location for a volcano. What about the residents? You can send average people and different frightening monsters. They will build villages and buildings, arrange war and fight for the resources you placed before.

Animals are also available on the menu. Choose them and find the perfect spot for them near the residents to give them food. Leave your world for a while and return to eliminate it to dust! For this purpose, you need to use weapons from another menu. There you can find meteors, tornados, lightning, cataclysms, and other functions you are able to use to eliminate the planet.

You can also watch how this planet develops. But remember that you are the creator here, so only you will decide what fate is waiting for this world!

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