Fun with Ragdolls Game Online

The name of Fun with Ragdolls speaks for itself. Because in this minimalistic world you are able to create hilarious scenes with these personages, test their strength and enjoy cool falls and destruction.

You start by creating your own character. Some skins are blocked in the beginning, so you need a certain level to unlock them. But you can still choose facial expressions and other characteristics. The world where you spawn is empty. And you are able to build here.

Check the menu and pick the construction you need for your building. You can place ladders, roofs and other parts of the building. Some people create whole labyrinths with lots of stairs and deep holes. Also, you receive the opportunity to spawn other dolls like you. They all differ by color and functions.

For example, some dolls just follow you around the whole map. There are characters who are angry at you, and every time they see you, they will hit you or push you from high places. The others are just stupid, they are perfect for your experiments, and you can throw them to all the places you want.

But that’s not the whole list of different characters here. And you are able to summon the unlimited amount of these personages to your place. What to say about cars that are also at your disposal in this product.

Check the maps that are already made by developers. Damage your doll to receive points, reach the necessary level to purchase new constructions and skins and enjoy your pastime!

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