BitBuddy Game Online

This is a great opportunity to spend your free time cool! If you have always dreamed of a pet, then welcome! Here you have to shelter a strange creature. It looks like an alien. He is disappointed in this life, so he looks sad and upset.

Your task is to envelop him with your care and love. You have to make him much happier than he is now. You need to find out what kind of food he likes and how he likes to spend his leisure time. Become his best friend and motivation! He needs you and therefore does not want you to leave him.

The catch here is that as soon as you leave him, he will die. You don’t want this, do you? How kind do you think you are and how long can you hold out? It will be a lot of fun! You have to spend as much time as possible with a cute creature! If you’re looking for more BitBuddy Games follow the link

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